A Legal Translator in Akseki Antalya for all kind of translations

A Sworn Translator in Lara Antalya for all translation
A Sworn Translator in Lara Antalya for all translation
July 30, 2021
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A Legal Translator in Akseki Antalya for all kind of translations

Legal Translator in Akseki Antalya for all translation

Legal Translator in Akseki Antalya for all translation

Translate your legal documents from English to Turkish by legal translators. In Akseki Antalya and we have trained team will help you all the time.

The translation should be done by sworn translators in Turkey. When you come to turkey you have to know the translation is very important especially for legal documents and it should do by sworn legal translator.

Antalya translator company has a professional translator’s team in Akseki who are ready to carry out all translation procedures from English to Turkish accurately and speedy with Noter and without any errors mentioned.

Types of translation


  • Legal translation
  • Official translation of documents
  • Immediate translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Document translation
  • Certified translation from Noter
  • Website translation

The meaning of Tarjuman

Tarjuman means the person who translates and interprets one language into another, and the translation may be written, i.e., written, or oral, in case you are facing any problems due to your lack of knowledge of the Turkish language. For any details, please contact us. We are an Antalya translator company. There is a lot of transactions have been translated as we have a great track record on it.

Interpreters’ translation to English in Akseki

Antalya translator company provides simultaneous interpretation service. Like a direct interpretation, where anyone who wants to communicate or talk with a foreign person, whether in a private meeting or during a business trip or any trip, will be provided with a certified legal translator from our employees. The translation is accurate and professionally.

What we translate:

  1. The Passport
  2. Identity
  3. A family Book
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Driving License
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Legal letters

And other important papers that are translated upon request

Reliability with Antalya Translator

Antalya translator is one of the old companies that contributed to the completion of many official and Turkish citizenship transactions. Therefore, many Arab and foreign people adopt it.

Did more than 250 Turkish citizenship transactions by Antalya Translator

More than 250 transactions have been done by Antalya Translator for Turkish Citizenship, and many problems that have occurred through other companies have also been solved. Thus, Antalya Translator company became one of the masters in this field.

Areas that’s we cover in Antalya

Currently we are working hard to cover the translation sector all over Turkey. But we are currently working in Antalya to ensure the quality of service. And not to rely on the large number of translations instead of their quality, and translation services are provided for all official documents in the following areas:

  • Kepez, Hurma, Yaman, Sarisu, Ungali, Mulla Yusuf, Kursu, Altinkum, Bunarbashi, Akdaniz University and others
  • Kemer.
  • Murad Paşa, Lara, Kundu, near Mark Antaya Mall.
  • Kepez
  • Serik Balik
  • Döşemealtı

We are working to guide you to know all the official papers and requirements and do not forget our new branch, Guide Of Antalya.

For more information and inquiries, please contact US.

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